Aziz Ansari Really Needs Someone To See “Looper” With

I, for one, accept his offer.

Aziz has fallen victim to some not-so-friendly bullying. Whatever shall he do?

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JGL himself has some choice words for these so-called “FRIENDS.”

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Aziz capitalizes on that JGL momentum and reaches out to everyone’s favorite well-dressed advice guru.

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And they say everyone’s worst critics are themselves.

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Here we see Aziz craft an excellent backup strategy.

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Lastly, we see Aziz enter his final stage of grief: asking Ray J for companionship.

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And finally, if Aziz’s own tweets weren’t enough to sway you, let THIS testimonial be the final word.

Aziz, let me reiterate: I’m free ANY TIME. Let’s get some apps, Adam Sandlers and a little ‘zert and Do. This. Thing. How’s tomorrow night?

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