Why Jennifer Lawrence Would Be A Great Wedding Guest

J-Law can crash my wedding anytime.

1. Jennifer Lawrence would be a pretty cool wedding guest.

ID: 982059

2. I mean, look how excited she is to see you!

ID: 982060

3. If someone spilled a glass of wine on her, she’d keep her cool.

ID: 982064

4. She’d be nice and ask your little brother how he’s doing, since he’s had a crush on her forever.

ID: 982066

5. She’d scare away your fiance’s ex if she unexpectedly showed up at the ceremony:

ID: 982069

6. And when you tell her the menu is entirely vegetarian, she’s pumped.

ID: 982070

7. She’d give it a good honest try during the bride/groom trivia hour…

ID: 982071

8. …and would basically think your wedding was the coolest.

ID: 982074

9. She’d be down to join your bridesmaids for the wedding after party.

ID: 982080

10. Those obnoxious guests of yours? J-Law will give them a piece of her mind.

ID: 982088

11. You go, Jen. Way to be a great wedding guest.

ID: 982093

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