I Know I’m A Fatty When…

(Yes, I really ate that much.)

1. I eat a whole sleeve of Oreos

ID: 582327

2. Devour a whole bag of chips

ID: 582336

3. Go to town on a can of Pringles

ID: 582942

4. Finish off the guacamole

ID: 582970

5. Eat. All. The Wheat Thins

ID: 583092

6. Make off with all the mini donuts

ID: 583084

7. Opt for the supersize

ID: 582950

8. Don’t leave a single fry at the bottom of the bag

ID: 582333

9. Double down on a, erhh, Double Down

ID: 582334

10. Eat the whole pizza by myself

ID: 582335

11. Get extra bacon

ID: 583103

12. Lick the plate clean

ID: 583014

13. Make a drunk run to Taco Bell

ID: 582337

14. Consume all the candy

ID: 582931

15. Have my cake

ID: 582997

16. And eat it too

ID: 582996

17. Get an extra slice of pie

ID: 582984

18. Polish off a pint of ice cream

ID: 582332

19. Oh who am I kidding, it was totally 2

ID: 582331

20. But it’s OK because I just had one of those days

ID: 582339

21. And I needed it

ID: 582338

22. And you know what?

ID: 582980

23. I’ll totally work out tomorrow

ID: 582341

24. And hit the gym extra hard

ID: 582340

25. To work off all those extra calories

ID: 582343

26. Because that’s what I always tell myself, right?

ID: 582347

27. Right!

ID: 582344

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