Goalie Moonlights As Erotic Model

Meet Stuart Tomlinson: A professional goalkeeper who also sheds his clothes as an aspiring “erotic model.”

During the day, Stuart Tomlinson is a goalkeeper for Burton Albion Football Club, a fourth-tier English team.

Pete Norton / Getty Images

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When he’s not on the field, he’s an aspiring fitness model.


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But also takes on “erotic assignments.”

i.huffpost.com / Via huffingtonpost.com

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Where he goes by the alias “Rupert Paddington Gomez.”


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And flexes “his oiled-up muscles while wearing the tiniest budgie smugglers known to man.”

instinctmagazine.com / Via thesun.co.uk

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His modeling profile says he’s willing to pose nude.

modelmayhem.com / Via modelmayhem.com

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As these photos clearly suggest.


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So I say forget the soccer-playing altogether.

(Eww, clothes. Take them off.) Pete Norton / Getty Images

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And do the “erotic” modeling thing full time.

(Less clothes, that’s better.) blogger.com

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