Sarah Palin’s "Real Housewives" Look

The former governor of Alaska was recently spotted shopping with her daughter near Beverly Hills making you wonder if she was auditioning for a spot on the Bravo hit series.

1. At first glance, it looks like the Sarah we know with her signature eyeglasses and hair

ID: 632090

2. Then she steps out of the boutique store with her bags

ID: 632092

3. And those legs and that shirt hanging off her shoulder

ID: 632089

4. No mom looks like this when she goes out shopping with her daughter unless she’s a Real Housewife of New Jersey

ID: 632093

5. Willow even looks quite conservative next to Sarah

ID: 632097

6. But we all know a Real Housewife wouldn’t be caught shopping at Kmart

ID: 632095

7. Maybe next time Sarah

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