Quiz Time: How Well Do You Know Celebrity Voices?

See how many you can correctly identify based on their commercial voice over work.

  1. 1. Which blonde actress wants you to eat at Olive Garden?
    1. Blake Lively
    2. Julie Bowen
    3. Amy Poehler
  2. 2. Which "Office" star narrates this Carnival Cruise Line ad?
    1. Ed Helms
    2. B.J. Novak
    3. John Krasinski
  3. 3. Which funny lady is the voice of the sea?
    1. Kristen Schaal
    2. Tina Fey
    3. Mindy Kaling
  4. 4. Which leading man wants you to rub his belly?
    1. Andrew Lincoln
    2. David Duchovny
    3. Bill Paxton
  5. 5. Which hunk du jour wants you to drive a hybrid?
    1. Jon Hamm
    2. George Clooney
    3. Joe Manganiello
  6. 6. Which actress wants you to think real hard?
    1. Julia Louis-Dreyfuss
    2. Allison Janney
    3. Laura Linney
  7. 7. Which actor is flying Delta?
    1. Donald Sutherland
    2. Jeff Bridges
    3. Ralph Fiennes
  8. 8. Which watchman thinks Peyton's rewards are "priceless?"
    1. Patrick Wilson
    2. Jackie Earle Haley
    3. Billy Crudup
  9. 9. Which actress wants your cat to eat fancy?
    1. Jane Fonda
    2. Lauren Bacall
    3. Beverly D’Angelo
  10. 10. Which actor wants you to drive a Pontiac?
    1. Kevin Bacon
    2. David Carradine
    3. Matt Dillon

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