Penn Badgley’s Guide To Hipsterfication

In ten easy steps, the Gossip Girl star shows you how to nail the hipster look this summer.

1. Pick a hipster you want to emulate

In Penn’s case: He chose Devendra Banhart.

ID: 380673

2. Let your hair grow out

Penn’s Pro-tip: Don’t wash it.

ID: 380692

3. Grow a beard

Penn’s Pro-tip: The bushier, the better.

ID: 380705

4. Stop shaving your chest

Penn’s Pro-tip: Abs are optional.

ID: 380643

5. Ditch the designer threads

Penn’s Pro-tip: Opt for dirty tanks

ID: 380724

6. Turn all your pants into jorts

ID: 380866

7. Don’t forget to accessorize

Penn likes 90s sunglasses and beaded necklaces.

ID: 380776

8. Find a hipster girlfriend

Bye Blake!

ID: 380803

9. Take her to hipstery places

Penn’s Pro-tip: Coachella or other popular music festivals.

ID: 380858

10. Occupy Wall Street

ID: 380790

11. Hipsterfication complete!

ID: 380834

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