6 Drag Queens Moonlighting As Singers

Following in the footsteps of RuPaul, the stars of Drag Race are making a go at individual music careers. And each with their own level of success.

6. Manila, Season 3

The always funny and always controversial Manila gives us her signature style in the video for “Hot Couture.” The beat is addictive even though the vocals and lyrics don’t quite live up to its potential.

“Hot Couture”

5. Shangela, Seasons 2-3

Here Shangela gives us full on Shanglea, which is all the reason you love and hate her. The song is fine, if nothing special. But it’s her personality that draws you in. She probably channels Ru’s style the best even if she’s still rough around the edges.

4. Pandora Boxx, Season 2

The Miss Congeniality of Drag Race does here what she does best: humor. Her funny, snarky lyrics play well with the gay club synths and make up for her lack of vocal range. But hey, we’re not here for the Xtina notes are we?


3. Sharon Needles, Season 4

The season 4 winner released her first single in October. It’s a nice mix of gothrock, with an homage to The Smashing Pumpkins and the visuals of Marilyn Manson. The song is unexpectedly sophisticated and dark without being over the top. Her debut album is expected in January of 2013.

“Everyday Is Halloween”

2. Raja, Season 3

Raja’s latest single, “Sublime,” didn’t do much to further her music career. But her debut video is a mix of amazing visuals with a fun, hardcore dance beat. It’s unexpectedly more gothic than Sharon while still be club-friendly. Sure the lyrics are just a hodgepodge of boasts but we can let is slide.

“Diamond Crowned Queen”

1. Willam, Season 4

Willam comes with the most experience and has had the most success. She’s been in the music scene longer than most of the girls - fronting a band, riding high with parodies and working the club scene. While “Trouble” may not be her best track —her duet with Drake Jensen is surprisingly good— it’s the overall package (and not the one she’s tucking) that brings it together.


Bonus: “Chow Down (At Chick-Fil-A)”

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