31 Years Of HIV And AIDS Awareness Posters

Since 1981, organizations from around the world have committed to making people aware of the dangers of HIV/AIDS and how prevent the spread of infection.

1. Banana Boys

AIDS Rochester, Inc.

ID: 722480

2. Naked Torsos

Alfred University

ID: 722482

3. Get Physical

The Arizona AIDS Fund

ID: 722487

4. If You Can’t Keep It Zipped, Keep It Covered

Catawba County Health Department, Hickory, NC

ID: 722491

5. Good Boys Always Wear Their Rubbers

Department of Health, Office of AIDS Prevention, City of Chicago

ID: 722492

6. Please Hug Me

Center For Attitudinal Healing, Tiburon, CA

ID: 722494

7. America Responds to AIDS

Centers for Disease Control, United States Federal Government

ID: 722497

8. Watergate

Orange County Center for Health

ID: 722500

9. Sailors

Victorian AIDS Council, Inc./Gay Men’s Health Centre, Inc., Australia

ID: 722502

10. World AIDS Day

Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO)

ID: 722503

11. Africa We Care

Gauteng AIDS Programme

ID: 722506

12. AIDS Is Preventable

ID: 722507

13. Regular Condom Use

Helseutvalget for homofile, Olso

ID: 722510

14. Juhuiiiiii!

The Hot Rubber Company Deutschland, Berlin, Germany

ID: 722512

16. Love His Sin

Treffpunkt und Beratung fur Prostituierte, Berlin

ID: 722515

17. AIDSGate

AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP)

ID: 722516

18. For Teenagers Only

Indiana State Board of Health

ID: 722518

19. Get It Under Cover

Metro Committee on AIDS

ID: 722519

20. Drugs AIDS No

Vydal ustav zdravotnej vychovy, Bratislava

ID: 722523

21. Stop AIDS

AIDS-Hilfe Schweiz, Zurich, Switzerland

ID: 722524

22. Stop AIDS Now

AIDS-Informations-Zentrale Austria (AIDS-Hilfe Informationsstelle)

ID: 722525

23. Condom-Man

Health Education Service

ID: 722526

24. Be Good In Bed

Terence Higgins Trust, London, U.K.

ID: 722528

25. Protect Your Valuables


ID: 722529

26. Ignorance=Fear


ID: 722531

27. Sharing Needles Is Just Asking For It

National Advisory Committee on AIDS (NACAIDS)

ID: 722532

28. Silence=Death


ID: 722533

29. Don’t Forget The Chapter On AIDS


ID: 722537

30. Cover Your

AIDS Committee of Durham Region, Oshawa, ON

ID: 722541

31. Prevent AIDS

Massachusetts Department of Public Health, AIDS Office

ID: 722545

All posters come from the AIDS Education Posters Collection curated by the University of Rochester. The school has collected over 6,200 posters, which “document document efforts to educate and inform the people of over 100 countries in over 60 languages, from 1982 to the present.” The collection was originally launched last year, during the 30th anniversary of the identification of HIV/AIDS.

Those interested in learning more about World AIDS Day can visit the organization’s website.

ID: 722882

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