17 Reasons Why You Secretly Can’t Wait For Summer To End

Screw you, bikini season.

1. Tailgating

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Grilling is great, but grilling + sports + beer + getting way too competitive is even better.

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2. Hot Cocoa

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Nothing takes you back like a hot cup of cocoa, even (or especially?) if it’s spiked.

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3. Candy Corn

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Here are two ways to feed your addiction for these tiny nuggets of joy.

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4. Apple Picking

If you don’t pick your own apples, then you’re doing fall all wrong. This fall, make these personal apple pie cups.

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5. Holiday Leftovers


Mashed potatoes for days. Cranberry sauce on errrything.

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6. Hot Soup

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Yeah, there’s always gazpacho, but soup in the summer just isn’t the same. Not to mention cheddar broccoli bread bowls that’ll warm you up anytime.

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7. Pumpkin Pie

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Might as well pop that top button on your pants now. It’s almost pie time.

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8. Cider Cocktails


Whether you go for cider sangria or fireball cider (in a mason jar, obv), autumn is peak season for cozy booze.

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9. Halloween Candy

The only time it’s acceptable to have candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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10. Monkey Bread

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There’s no time for monkey business when it comes to pull-apart bread; get there first or it’ll be gone.

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11. Pumpkin Spice Lattés

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The first time of the year you lay eyes on that red Starbucks cup or catch a whiff of that pumpkin aroma — that’s magic.

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12. Peppermint Everything

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The reigning queen of ubiquitous seasonal flavors. Get your DIY peppermint fix with these candy cane s’mores.

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13. Thanksgiving Dinner

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The champion of all food holidays and TV marathons.

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14. Mulled Wine

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The perfect beverage for every holiday party and cuddly family gathering. Get the recipe.

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15. Gingerbread Men

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The spicy cookie everyone loves (right up until they bite his little head off).

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16. Christmas Cookies

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Even if you don’t believe in Santa, there’s nothing like stealing a few cookies off his plate on Christmas Eve.

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17. No more hot dogs.

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Bye, bye, summer, we’ll be wanting you and your weenies again next year. But for now: No. more. hot. dogs.

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This article was compiled by Rachel Williamson, the editor-in-chief at Spoon University UIUC.

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