19 Signs You Are A Netflix Junkie

So much to watch, so little time.

1. The fact that Mean Girls is not on Netflix is the bane of your existence.

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3. People have begun asking questions about all the references you make.

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4. It’s also really annoying when no one understands said references.

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5. You have probably watched all the Star Trek movies and shows.

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Even Deep Space Nine.

6. You can get along with any fandom. Seriously, you know them all.

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FYI the same thing happens when you join Tumblr

7. Whenever you get new episodes of something, it’s pretty much Christmas.

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8. You have awful periods in your life when you’re looking for something new to watch.

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9. You cry when something gets taken off of Netflix.

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10. You have a love/hate relationship with Netflix descriptions.

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11. You’re ashamed to admit how little sleep you get.

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12. Likewise, you’re ashamed about how pale you are.

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13. You have pretty much memorized all the Netflix categories…

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14. … and you know everything in them.

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15. There’s a really high chance you have watched stuff you’re not proud of.

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Thought I would tell you, huh?

16. “Is it on Netflix?” has become your go-to question whenever someone recommends a movie or show.

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17. Time is always an issue: is it too late to start another movie?

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Ok, maybe just an episode of your current favorite show, then.

18. Your knowledge on the evolution of pop culture is literally ridiculous.

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I know his contribution to society

19. You know your couch too well.

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A man’s best friend.

20. But in the end…

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It’s all worth it.

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