30 Things You Won’t Need 30 Years From Now

Prepare to say goodbye to your clothing, hangovers, and heartbreak.

1. A Cure for Your Hangover

Healthier alcohol hybrids will eliminate hangover symptoms.

ID: 2334903

2. A Fresh Tan

Pale people everywhere will rejoice as natural becomes the new beauty standard.

ID: 2336950

3. This Nightmare…

Self-driving cars are expected to take over by 2040.

ID: 2336886

4. A More Secure Password

Your entire body will become the ultimate password.

ID: 2336983

5. Post-Flight Therapy

The airplanes of the future will provide plenty of leg room.

ID: 2337277
ID: 2411998

6. An Unfounded Fear of Needles

NBC / Via giphy.com

With jet-injected drugs, you literally won’t feel a thing.

ID: 2412075
ID: 2412081

7. Discretion About Your Drug Use

The man behind legalizing weed is on a mission to legalize all drugs.

ID: 2442558

8. An Explanation for Your Sexuality

ID: 2414658

9. The Snooze Button

As we begin to better understand sleep, we’ll find ways to need less of it.

ID: 2414568

10. 25 Gallons of Water for Your Daily Shower

Showers will recycle and purify the same water, wasting 90% less.

ID: 2412310

11. A Dog Whisperer

A translator device will allow you to find out what your pet really thinks.

ID: 2450159
Pixar / Via giphy.com
ID: 2450254

12. The Ability to Speak Spanish

Google is working on real-time translation tech for people too. ¡Fabuloso!

ID: 2337513

13. Patience

The internet of things will result in a world that responds to us instantly.

ID: 2412240

14. The Latest iPhone

All good things must come to an end.

ID: 2418591

15. Weather-Appropriate Clothing

There is already a watch that can control body temperature.

ID: 2443794
HBO / Via celebquote.com

Say hello to nude beaches at the North Pole.

ID: 2337484

16. A Clever Hair-Loss Solution

Ray Yeager / Via rtyphotography.com

Baby foreskins, yes baby foreskins, are showing some promising results.

ID: 2412129

17. $1,000 a Month for This Brooklyn Apartment

Rent prices will drop as new construction catches up to demand.

ID: 2418275

18. This Awesome Domino’s Delivery Guy

NASA has got pizza printers covered.

ID: 2442356
Nickelodeon / Via uproxx.com
ID: 2450177

19. Better Lighting

Nickelodeon / Via uproxx.com

The cameras of tomorrow will take photos in complete darkness.

ID: 2452089

20. This Potential Strain on Your Relationship…

3D printer jams will be the new Ikea furniture fail.

ID: 2418968

21. A Pint of Ice Cream to Make the Pain Go Away

You’ll be able to erase exes from you memory. Sound familiar?

ID: 2421539
Focus Features / Via hypnoticpoison9.tumblr.com

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

ID: 2421880

22. This Mess…

Clothing will repel dirt and moisture eliminating the need to wash it.

ID: 2432669

23. Passive-Aggressive Cleaning Habits

Robots will do just about everything else around the house.

ID: 2422411

24. Privacy

Totally normal bonding experience 30 years from now.

ID: 2426200

25. The Cubicle You’re Currently Trapped In

Your couch is your future office. Working from home will become the norm.

ID: 2425842

26. Your Precious Pennies

Pennies cost us more time and money than they’re worth.

ID: 2431860

27. Legible Handwriting

Cursive is already disappearing from schools. Handwriting is next to go.

ID: 2431606

28. This Constant Reminder…

Tattoo removal is in high demand and will only continue to improve.

ID: 2418806

29. This Piece of Paper

Colleges used to provide access to information. Today they provide free condoms.

ID: 2459561

30. Regret

Thirty years from now you’ll look back and laugh about it all.

ID: 2442411

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