23 Unforgettable Things About Playing “The Sims”

It’s 2001 and you’re sitting at your desktop computer for the fifth consecutive hour. Yes, The Sims 4 is coming out in 2014, but the original game is actually the most nostalgic part of your youth.

1. It had the best music.

If you need confirmation, here’s an eight-hour compilation of the game’s soundtrack (including Build and Buy mode, which you definitely spent days of your life listening to):

ID: 1139455

2. And the best sound effects.


ID: 1152702

3. All of your Sims ended up looking the same because there were three skin colors and a couple of faces, hairstyles, and outfits.

This outfit was probably the weirdest.

ID: 1148191

4. This thing was the bane of your existence:

Especially when one dirty plate would deplete your Sim’s Room level and literally ruin his life.

ID: 1139495

5. But nothing was more devastating than when this happened:

ID: 1139512

6. And if you didn’t intervene in your Sim’s terrible life decisions, things got serious.

ID: 1139496

7. This was a familiar scene:

And then you went to college and lived it yourself.

ID: 1148234

8. You may or may not have panicked every time a burglar came to your Sim’s house.

ID: 1153432

9. Newspaper delivery was NOT a joke.

ID: 1139508

10. And really weird stuff happened sometimes…

ID: 1139497

11. Like the pet guinea pig that was actually a demon waiting to kill your Sim:

ID: 1148240

12. Or those random, creepy phone calls.

ID: 1139507

13. Also, this was how your Sims decided to have a baby (but only after awkwardly kissing several times in a row):

ID: 1139502

14. Then a crib appeared and you had to feed and play with the baby a billion times in a row to get it to stop crying.

But you didn’t have to change its diaper. (??)

ID: 1148264

15. You know how your Sim would ABSOLUTELY FREAK OUT when you woke her up early? It was sooo annoying, but now that you’re an adult you totally get it.

ID: 1148321

16. You also totally get your Sim’s ride to work:

ID: 1139530

17. But you’ll never understand why Sims were so logistically challenged.

ID: 1148303

18. Or why they did things like converse while eating dinner standing up and not facing each other:

ID: 1148313

19. Or why they started fires every time they cooked and STOOD IN THE FIRE INSTEAD OF RUNNING AWAY.

ID: 1148154

20. Remember those snarky responses when your Sim asked other Sims to hang out?

ID: 1139527

21. Sims could get super dramatic.

ID: 1148302

22. And the Goth family always got up in your family’s business because they seriously rang your doorbell every day.

ID: 1148271

23. All of that socializing led you to memorize every Simlish conversation ever.

“Dis grarrl es FRENCHEK.”

ID: 1152730

To this day, you’re convinced that there is no better neighborhood than this one:

ID: 1148298

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