30 Videos That Will Make You A Fan Of The Graham Norton Show

Some of the greatest combinations on a couch bring the most hilarious results!

1. Will Smith & Gary Barlow Do ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Rap.

Via BBC YouTube

The whole Graham Norton audience raps the theme song.

ID: 2191630

2. Will & Jaden Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff & Alfonso Ribeiro Rap!

Via BBC YouTube

Wanting to outdo his last performance, Will Smith invites DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro along! Epic!

ID: 2191642

3. Martin Freeman Compared To A Hedgehog

Via BBC YouTube

It’s a Christmas miracle! Martin Freeman, mocked in this episode for not smiling in photos, laughs when he is compared to a hedgehog.

ID: 2191433

4. Two For The Price Of One: Matt Smith & David Tennant

Via BBC YouTube

What’s better than one doctor? TWO doctors! That’s right, Matt Smith & David Tennant join each other on the couch to discuss the famous Dr. Who episode that came out in November of this year.

ID: 2191437

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger Chats About His Catchphrases

Via BBC YouTube

Arnold talks about one of his most famous lines, “I’ll Be Back!”

ID: 2191446

6. How Do You Pronounce ‘Denzel’?

Via BBC YouTube

Apparently people have been saying Denzel Washington’s name improperly. Graham gets down to the bottom of this.

ID: 2191447

7. Bradley Cooper: The Sexiest Man Alive

Via BBC YouTube

Bradley Cooper discusses how being sexy can be tough.

ID: 2191459

8. Dame Judi Dench Goes Clubbing

Via BBC YouTube

She may have starred in James Bond but the “M” doesn’t stand for her memory.

ID: 2191475

9. David Walliams Freaks Out Zac Efron

Via BBC YouTube

Comedian David Walliams gets a little too close for comfort as Zac explains how wonderful his fans are.

ID: 2191482

10. Matthew’s Death On Downton Abbey

Via BBC YouTube

Graham discusses how Dan Stevens’ death on Downton Abbey caused outrage.

ID: 2191478

11. Ed Helms Sings “Stu’s Song” From “The Hangover”

Via BBC YouTube

Ed plays his famous song in front of his biggest cheerleader, Bradley Cooper.

ID: 2191481

12. Ricky Gervais Prank Calls Louis Walsh

Via BBC YouTube

Not happy about some of the comments said about him on The X Factor UK, Ricky Gervais calls judge Louis Walsh up to sort things out.

ID: 2191489

13. Chris Rock: Straight Guys Don’t Do The Oscars

Via BBC YouTube

Chris Rock, fresh from hosting the Academy Awards, explains how he had never seen the show before.

ID: 2191504

14. Funny Dog Photos

Via BBC YouTube

Graham takes his guests through the website “Perfectly Timed Photos” much to their delight.

ID: 2191505

15. Worst Fans Ever

Via BBC YouTube

Jo Brand, Stephen Merchant and Bradley Cooper share stories of some fans that go too far.

ID: 2191519

16. Will.I.Am. Meets Prince William

Via BBC YouTube

will.i.am. and Miriam Margolyes (Harry Potter) start a blossoming friendship on the show.

ID: 2191525

17. Hugh Laurie Makes An Impression On European Fans

Via BBC YouTube

Hugh Laurie may have lost part of his fan base in Germany.

ID: 2191528

18. Daniel Radcliffe Sings “The Elements”

Via BBC YouTube

Daniel Radcliffe educates Graham Norton and his audience by singing a song about the Periodic Table.

ID: 2191529

19. Robert Downey Jr. And The Google Search Fail

Via BBC YouTube

Robert Downey Jr. and Ed Byrnes are put into Google which ends up with some hilarious searches.

ID: 2191539

20. Ewan McGregor Plays With Light Sabers

Via BBC YouTube

Ewan McGregor and Chris O’Dowd (Bridesmaids) battle it out in Star Wars fashion!

ID: 2191548

21. Tom Hanks Brother The Voice Of Woody?

Via BBC YouTube

Tom Hanks describes the reasons for his brother being the voice of Woody in games and toys.

ID: 2191578

22. Miranda and Jack Whitehall’s Royal Connections

Via BBC YouTube

Kate Middleton is the connection point for Miranda and Jack Whitehall.

ID: 2191584

23. Jimmy Carr Explains Accents

Via BBC YouTube

Jimmy Carr tries to teach Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek regional English accents.

ID: 2191587

24. Rihanna’s Awkward Bikini Wax

Via BBC YouTube

Rihanna points out why she is so picky about who gives her a bikini wax.

ID: 2191607

25. Cats That Look Like Hitler

Via BBC YouTube

Graham Norton takes his guests through the website “Cats That Look Like Hitler”.

ID: 2191611

26. Scared Of Santa and The Bible: Lego Style

Via BBC YouTube

Graham reveals two books everyone should get in time for Christmas

ID: 2191619

27. Zac Efron & Matt Le Blanc On Being Recognized By Fans

Via BBC YouTube

Zac and Matt reveal their interactions with fans.

ID: 2191631

28. James Corden Talks About His Boy Bands

Via BBC YouTube

Comedian James Corden goes back in time reminiscing about his time in his high school boy band.

ID: 2191636

29. Weird Nicknames & Does Ashton Kutcher Wear Make-Up?

Via BBC YouTube

Ashton Kutcher gets into a bit of a debate with a member of the audience.

ID: 2191647

30. Gaydar Game

Via BBC YouTube

Graham, being gay himself, asks his guests to guess if members of the audience are gay or straight. Joan Rivers makes this segment even more hilarious!

ID: 2191663

Bonus: Adele Operates The Red Chair

Via BBC YouTube

Adele, a little bit tipsy, gets to operate the famous red chair.

ID: 2191756

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