Sly’s Favorite Buzz Of 2011

How did we ever get any work done this year with such good internet happening? Here are some of my favorites.

1. Old People Don’t Know How To Take A Picture

2. BuzzFeed Last Supper / Rapture Lunch

3. Hipsters, Behold Your King

4. Vertiginous Tightrope Walking

Video available at:

5. Am I Wearing Pants?

6. The Burning House

7. 50 Unexplainable Black & White Photos

8. Business Cat

9. All Of Broadway In 5 Minutes (Timelapse)

10. I Dare You To Get This Haircut

11. Awesome Sweaters That Don’t Exist Yet

12. Artist Action Figures

13. Best Staredown Ever

14. Evolution Of Zack Morris’ Brick Phone

15. Chocolate Pudding Cake In A Jar

16. Jesus Chair

17. Animals Being Jerks

18. Kiss Cam Done Right

19. Photocopied Hand Typography

20. Socks And Sandals Style Guide

21. 40 Really Awesome Parents

23. San Francisco To Paris In Two Minutes

24. Same Hill, Different Day

25. Permanent Marker Art

26. State Mottos Never Looked So Good

27. Vintage Lesbian

28. Bulldogs Riding On Swings

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