Cheetahs Find Life Totally Hilarious

Please take life more seriously, sprinty cats.

1. This cheetah thinks life is a joke.

ID: 812873

2. He Liked your status on Facebook. Then left a comment saying “+Like”. Then Liked his own comment.

ID: 812857

3. “Ridiculous? You… you said ‘dick.’”

ID: 812931

4. “Ha ha, why was consciousness given to me?”

ID: 812911

5. “George… George W. Ku$h.”

ID: 813042

6. “I named my iPod the Titantic it’s syncing now ROFL me am comedy genius.”

ID: 812937

7. “Guy Fieri is the Hoobastank of chefs.”

ID: 812897

8. “‘Moist’. Oh god, the word ‘moist’!”

ID: 812886

9. “My granny sips Muscle Milk from a foil bladder shaped like a bicep.”

ID: 812905

10. “LMAO I want Netflix and ice cream.”

ID: 812948

11. “Wyoming! Ha ha ha, Wyoming!”

ID: 813113

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