There’s A New Clone On “Orphan Black” And Fans Are Freaking Out

Welcome to the club, Tony. Spoilers ahead.

1. Last night, Orphan Black introduced its first transgender character – a new clone named Tony. / Via BBC America

The idea to introduce a trans character was a move the show’s creators had been planning since the end of the first season.

2. From fans, there was much excitement and disbelief, and losing of one’s shit:

7. What we know:

8. 1. He is not Harry Potter.

11. It wasn’t just the introduction of a trans character that had people talking, but the manner in which the show handled the introduction:

12. One scene in particular touched on the importantance of using proper gender pronouns:


13. For some fans, the episode’s content really hit home.


15. And strong words were directed towards any haters:

16. But mostly, there was appreciation for Tony’s face.

17. ~ that face ~


18. There is already fan art dedicated to this face – it hasn’t even been 24 hours people!

+body and stuff.

21. Welcome to the Clone Club, Tony!

22. *faints*

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