People Who Don’t Rap But Have Rapper Names

Just because you don’t MC doesn’t mean you can’t have some serious street cred.

1. Bruce Swagman (Attorney)

ID: 936890

2. MC Escher (Artist)

ID: 936936

3. Yo-Yo Ma (Cellist)

ID: 938799

4. Bear Grylls (TV Personality/Author)

This could be his first album cover.

ID: 936954

5. Mercedes Bass (Business Entrepreneur)

Michael Loccisano / Via
ID: 940047

6. Johnny Dankworth (Jazz Musician)

And his hit dance single, “5 Steps to Dankworth” is burning up the hip hop charts.

ID: 936966

7. Chris Moneymaker (Poker Player)

ID: 940336

8. Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy (Nuclear Physicist)

ID: 937024

9. Lil Woods (Actress)

ID: 952692

10. H.P. Lovecraft (Author)

The H.P. stands for Hater Players, obviously.

ID: 938837

11. Bill Bass (Scientist)

ID: 940001

12. Betty Compton (Actress)

ID: 953752

13. Roy Blunt (U.S. Senator)

ID: 936974

14. Roscoe “fatty” Arbuckle (Actor)

ID: 940381

15. Rebecca Spitz (Reporter)

ID: 936949

16. Yellow Yei Yah (Nigerian Olympic Swimmer)

ID: 939707

17. Lucky Grills (Australian Actor)

ID: 952289

18. Rick Cash (Defensive End)

ID: 939909

19. Dr. Mike Czech (Professor)

ID: 953648

20. Buck Jones (1930s Actor)

ID: 946563


Check out more rapper names with the folks over at Egotrip. (H/T Egotripland)

ID: 953787

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