27 Painfully Honest Cake Messages

These cakes hope you can handle the truth, even if it hurts.

1. Sometimes honesty is the best policy.

ID: 775225

2. Lies can hold you back from living your life.

ID: 775269

3. Honesty can help you get a fresh start.

ID: 775960

4. So let’s just be straightforward with one another.

ID: 775532

5. Just lay it all out there.

ID: 775997

6. Stop trying to sugar-coat everything.

ID: 775219

7. Let your expectations be known clearly.

ID: 775252

8. When you screw up, admit it.

ID: 775244

9. Even when the situation is uncomfortable.

ID: 775742

10. It will make everyone feel better.

ID: 775704

11. Remember to be specific in your apology.

ID: 775700

12. Very specific.

ID: 775301

13. Celebrate your friends’ milestones openly.

ID: 775254

14. And remember to treasure your own.

ID: 775221

15. Never hold back your feelings regarding others.

ID: 775229

16. Sometimes it’s refreshing to hear the truth.

ID: 775498

17. If you can handle the truth.

ID: 775256

18. Let your loved ones know you appreciate them.

ID: 775279

19. Make them feel special and unique each day.

ID: 775402

20. Especially on important days.

ID: 775659

21. Coworkers should know their worth as well.

ID: 775251

22. Get your point across quickly.

ID: 775317

23. And clearly.

ID: 775354

24. Lay your feelings on the line.

ID: 775481

25. There’s no shame in knowing what you want.

ID: 775422

26. Then again, sometimes the truth can hurt.

ID: 775685

27. So always focus on the positive.

ID: 776020

And use your best judgement, especially with cakes.

ID: 775378

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