21 Reasons Why Overly Competitive People Ruin Everything

Maybe they used to play sports or maybe they just love the taste of victory; either way these people really need to calm down.

1. They turn your favorite game of Catch Phrase…

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..into a blood sport.

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2. They get ejected from the annual company softball game.

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3. They blow everything out of proportion.

What they do:

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What they THINK they do.

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4. They don’t see anything as “just a game.”

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5. They don’t understand “friendly” competition.

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6. They’ve never played a “fun” game of touch football.

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7. They certainly don’t enjoy a “friendly” game of cards.

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8. And definitely never a “casual” game of ping pong.

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9. When they win, they don’t let you forget it.

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10. The celebration lasts all week.

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11. But when they lose…

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…it’s never graciously.

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12. And the “sore loser” mentality lasts all week.

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13. “One-upping” is an art to be perfected.

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14. And they pride themselves on outshining you in every way.

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15. They single-handedly suck the fun out of drinking games.

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16. Trivia night at the bar turns into an anxiety-riddled stress fest.

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17. Any situation can turn into a race. Ready? Go.

ID: 792111

18. They think the treadmill should always be above 60 mph.

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19. They know if you’re not first, you’re last.

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20. They don’t hesitate to play dirty.

ID: 791604

21. “Go big or go home” is their life motto.

ID: 791666

The constant need for competition is exhausting.

ID: 794371

So please, all you competitors out there, follow this polar bears lead…

ID: 794943

…and bring it down a notch.

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