17 Of The Most Disrespectful Moments In Food History

I’ve never been so disrespected in my entire life.

1. This Pop-Tart felt the need to stick a metaphorical middle finger right in your face.

ID: 3000673

2. This autumnal treasure just disrespected your entire holiday season.

ID: 3042347

3. And this pasta decided you couldn’t handle a real serving.

ID: 3086606

4. This panda treat stuck it to the man, simultaneously stickin’ it right to you.

ID: 3086169

5. These forks don’t give a crap about what you “need” right now.

ID: 3086171

6. And this ice cream treat doesn’t give one single fuck about how your day is going.

ID: 3086277

7. You know what’s nice? A full bag of fucking apricots.

ID: 3088301

8. The disrespect is palpable when this crunchy bar proclaims you can’t handle a complete snack.

ID: 3086482

9. Are you going to let this Thai noodle bowl just serve you like this?

ID: 3086114

10. The blatant contempt of this mug cake as it makes a mess in your presence? Disgusting.

ID: 3086212

11. The DEFIANCE of this ketchup container when it allowed not one curly fry to pass.

ID: 3086255

12. The flippancy with which this pizza presents itself to the world? UGH.

ID: 3089633

13. The sheer nerve of this “scooby-doo” popsicle to deny you the pleasure of a dog-shaped treat.

Reddit / Via reddit.com
ID: 3086269

14. RUDE, butchers choice bacon, to think we wouldn’t eventually see right through your ways.

ID: 3086609

15. How dare you.

ID: 3089829

16. Do you think this is a GAME, GO-FRUIT? It’s not.

ID: 3089836

17. Does this chocolate think us all fools?

Hello @CadburyUK We feel this packaging is very misleading, the bar is not separate white & milk pieces!?

— The Garlic Festival (@IOWGarlicFest)
ID: 3088351

Food: Check yourself and have some respect.

ID: 3089918

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