17 Of The Most Disrespectful Moments In Food History

I’ve never been so disrespected in my entire life.

1. This Pop-Tart felt the need to stick a metaphorical middle finger right in your face.

2. This autumnal treasure just disrespected your entire holiday season.

3. And this pasta decided you couldn’t handle a real serving.

4. This panda treat stuck it to the man, simultaneously stickin’ it right to you.

5. These forks don’t give a crap about what you “need” right now.

6. And this ice cream treat doesn’t give one single fuck about how your day is going.

7. You know what’s nice? A full bag of fucking apricots.

8. The disrespect is palpable when this crunchy bar proclaims you can’t handle a complete snack.

9. Are you going to let this Thai noodle bowl just serve you like this?

10. The blatant contempt of this mug cake as it makes a mess in your presence? Disgusting.

11. The DEFIANCE of this ketchup container when it allowed not one curly fry to pass.

12. The flippancy with which this pizza presents itself to the world? UGH.

13. The sheer nerve of this “scooby-doo” popsicle to deny you the pleasure of a dog-shaped treat.

Reddit / Via reddit.com

14. RUDE, butchers choice bacon, to think we wouldn’t eventually see right through your ways.

16. Do you think this is a GAME, GO-FRUIT? It’s not.

17. Does this chocolate think us all fools?

Hello @CadburyUK We feel this packaging is very misleading, the bar is not separate white & milk pieces!?

— The Garlic Festival (@IOWGarlicFest)

Food: Check yourself and have some respect.


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