10 Out Comedians Who Will Make You Laugh Today

Some you may recognize and some you may not, but they are all funnier than you’ll ever be.

1. Simon Amstell

He originally made a name for himself on British comedy shows like Popworld and Never Mind The Buzzcocks, but why let the Brits keep him all to themselves? You would never think that “awkward” and “angst”’ would be good adjectives to describe someone who makes you laugh — but that’s exactly what people say about this hilarious introvert.

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Listen to his stand-up when you need to remember how absolutely ridiculous the world is.

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2. Suzanne Westenhoefer

She was the first openly gay comic to host her own HBO comedy special in 1994 and she hasn’t stopped trailblazing since. No topic is off-limits when it comes to her routines. No seriously, it can get pretty cringe-worthy. Sex while your parents are in the other room, divorce, breakups, and more — she makes the most uncomfortable parts of life easy to laugh about.

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She will remind you that the funniest thing is often simply telling the truth.

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3. Sampson McCormick

Half activist and half comic, this upcoming comedian is known for tackling serious issues such homelessness, HIV, and hate crimes. He proudly embraces the “double minority” of being both black and gay in his riveting and fresh routines. You can currently catch him touring around the country for his Joyful Noise tour.
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He speaks the truth concerning the power behind Michelle Obama’s biceps:

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4. Erin Foley

Just this year, she made her stand-up debut on Conan and appeared as a guest star on the NBC series Go On. She has a special talent for sharing her most embarrassing stories with audiences and the world thanks her for that.

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Her routines will remind you that sometimes it’s all right to poke fun at stereotypes — especially when they happen to be accurate.

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5. James Adomian

In 2010, he made a name for himself as a top-10 finalist on Last Comic Standing. Since then the comic has bounced around from work in late-night television, films, to some voiceover gigs. His talent for different voices is evident from his stand-up routines, which will easily make your day.

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He will forever change the way you see movie villains:

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6. Paula Pell

All right, so she is a comedy writer — but if writing for Saturday Night Live for over 10 years doesn’t qualify you as a funny person, nothing does. Her sarcastic and witty tweets have given her a reputation on their own, but her performances on various TV shows and sketches solidify her as comedy gold.

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Look her up if you need life advice, but can’t afford your own shrink.

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7. Gabe Liedman

He went from hosting a weekly show called The Big Terrific, with guest stars like Zach Galifianakis and Aziz Ansari, to becoming a writer on Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer. He describes himself as a “fascinating person,” and unlike most people that description is actually accurate.

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His work on Twitter is a thing of beauty.

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8. Fortune Feimster

This Southern comic not only works as a full-time writer on Chelsea Lately but she also appears in numerous sketches on the show. You will soon question how you even existed without her in your life. And to answer your question, yes that is her real name.

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She has an endless number of characters in her arsenal.

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9. Mario Cantone

There was a reason you looked forward to seeing him on Sex And The City — the guy is funny. Now do yourself a favor and listen to him do a whole stand-up routine.

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Watch him when you need a creative reenactment of Hitchcock’s The Birds:

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Here he gives you his best Liza Minnelli:

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10. Eliot Glazer

Starting out as an intern at Conan and SNL, he is slowly becoming the master of internet sketch comedy. Glazer mostly exists on the internet; his web series, “It Gets Betterish” and “Eliot’s Sketchpad,” will get you through any of your darkest days.

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He once teamed up with Kate Mckinnon to teach the world the proper form for power walking:

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You can thank him for letting us all know what gay dogs are thinking:

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Sarah Karlan is the Deputy LGBT Editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.
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