10 Animals That Will Give You Nightmares

Alien? Creature from a sci-fi flick? Nope these are just some citizens of planet Earth.

1. Aye Aye

This Madagascar native resembles a cracked out junkie on the look out for his next fix. Not enough for you? The Aye Aye has one extra long middle finger that is used to ‘tap’ on tree trunks for food. Creepy.

2. Blanket Octopus

You like that majestic cape? Think again. The females can grow up to 2 meters long and enjoy ripping off Portuguese Man O’ War’s tentacles to use for their own personal defense. Making an entrance indeed!

3. Blob Fish

Okay so this guy may not strike fear into your heart, but he has to be the ugliest thing you have seen all day. Props for his face looking just like the grumpy old guy next door!

4. Wolf Spider

The name alone combines two of the fiercest creatures into one! Take the name and add eight legs, eight eyes, and a stinging bite? Wolf Spider. Plus when the female carries babies around on its back? Not cute!

5. Snub Nosed Monkey

Sometimes monkeys are cute and fluffy, sometimes they look like Voldemort.

6. Sea Pig ( really )

Yes, once again you must wonder who gets to name these newly discovered creatures. Although this pink worm may haunt your nightmares ,it will never hurt you. It spends most of its time on the ocean floor moving on tube legs….just being a harmless sea pig.

7. Japanese Giant Salamander

It’s a salamander…. a giant one. Something that normally would fit in the palm of your hand , now could eat your hand. Sleep tight.

8. Sphynx Cat

This breed of cat is naturally born with no fur and reminds us all why we find fluffy things cute.

9. Bare-Faced Tamarin

Going bald is tough, especially when you look like a Gremlin.

10. The Wrinkled Bat

Why why why? Bats are scary enough but mother nature decided to let this one look like it smashed into a window.

Good luck sleeping tonight!

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