How To Spot A Terrorist, According To Twitter

Alan Judd wrote an op-ed in the Telegraph entitled How to spot a terrorist living in your neighbourhood. Twitter users responded by introducing a trending hashtag.

Alan Judd wrote a piece in the Telegraph entitled How to spot a terrorist living in your neighbourhood.

He started by noting that Dame Stella Rimington, the former director general of MI5, had previously asked that people keep an eye out for suspicious activity on the part of their neighbours. He then went on to explain what to look out for, adding that there would often be a sudden shift in behaviour. People should specifically look out for:
1. “insistence on religious ritual, especially in a secular context”, giving the example of Muslims asking for a prayer room if one doesn’t exist.
2. “withdrawal from social interaction with women and disapproval of feminine dress.
3. “a sudden obsession with physical fitness, more via Outward Bound activities than team games.”
4. an adoption or sudden abandonment of traditional Arab dress.
5. “perhaps attempted travel to troubled regions or misleading vagueness as to where they’ve been.” The list goes on.

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Some Twitter users questioned the decision to publish the article.

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1. Yet, reminiscent of the #creepingsharia hashtag, it didn’t take too long for #spotaterrorist to start trending on Twitter. Here are some of the reactions:

The meme appears to have been started by Sunny Hundal, editor of Liberal Conspiracy.

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Have a look at this video if you don’t understand this one.

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You might not have met Abdel (above), but you’ve met this guy.

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12. Others weren’t too impressed and thought that the meme was disrespectful.

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However, Twitter being Twitter, users were quick to respond.

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