Here’s Why You Should Never Leave Your Dorm Room Unlocked

Seriously, don’t do it.

When I left my university to intern with BuzzFeed, I made one very big mistake. I forgot to lock my university room.

It didn’t take long for me to receive this text message:

ID: 1275798

I was expecting trouble.

ID: 1275800

1. When I walked into my room, this is what I saw.

ID: 1276429

2. 400 balloons.

ID: 1276431

3. Two signs from various estate agents.

ID: 1276442

4. And two garden chairs.

ID: 1276450

5. As I popped the balloons, the floor started to become visible. 52 empty bottles and cans of beer, anyone?

ID: 1276523

6. The odd box of San Miguel also joined the party.

ID: 1276576

7. I was even left some pretty solid advice on a post-it.

ID: 1276608

8. A cone appeared from somewhere, too.

ID: 1276550

9. Fortunately, while popping the balloons, I noticed a couple (well, exactly eleven) looked slightly different.

The water balloons did not pop in my room and were instead used for a water fight not long afterwards.

ID: 1276604

10. In all, though, my friends were a bit tame. I could have instead come back to a massive pile of paper.

ID: 1276837

11. A room with everything covered in foil.

ID: 1276838

12. A sugar-covered (and probably ant-infested) floor.

ID: 1276856

13. A ridiculous amount of yarn.

ID: 1276861

14. And I’m fairly grateful that my bed didn’t disappear into the bathroom…

ID: 1276888

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