Here’s Why Teens Are Uploading Videos Of Themselves Fist-Pumping On Instagram

It all started with a rapper, Lethal Bizzle.

1. Have you seen any Instagram videos of teenagers making faces and fist-pumping to music?

ID: 2799917

2. It’s kind of weird.

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ID: 2800170

4. But now even soldiers are getting involved in the meme.

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5. So what’s the deal? Why are all these people uploading these videos to Instagram with the hashtag #rariworkit?

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6. It’s all because of U.K. rapper Lethal Bizzle, who sent a Snapchat message to his fans a few days ago, in which he was fist-pumping in his car and overlaid the video with the words “Rari work out”.

Think @LethalBizzle had too much sugar today #rariworkout #leeeavveeeitt

— H£ALTH IS W£ALTH (@P_Hollowed)
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7. He then sent out an Instagram with a similar video message yesterday, which sparked the trend.

ID: 2800052

8. This was the first video on Instagram with the #rariworkout tag after Lethal Bizzle’s post.

ID: 2800222

9. And then it just grew…

ID: 2800239

10. …and grew…

ID: 2800243

11. …and grew.

ID: 2800248

12. But this one’s our favourite.

ID: 2800253

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Siraj Datoo is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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