David Miliband’s Journey, From Foreign Secretary To Resigning As MP

So Miliband has quit as an MP. But not before we managed to get some fantastic photos of him, including the other jobs he tried before deciding to move to New York.

Former foreign secretary David Miliband is to resign as an MP.

1. He did have some good times in the former Labour Party cabinet.

2. There was that time that Hilary came to town.

3. And Condoleezza Rice, too.

Look at the passion in his eyes.

And only once.

He’s definitely met her more than once.

5. He couldn’t do much to hide his lack of enthusiasm when Gordon Brown took over from Blair.

6. In fact, he ate a lemon immediately afterwards.

But the video of these babies eating lemons for the first time is still awesome.

7. And ate a banana for good measure.

9. He tried to become leader of the opposition but lost to the guy falling off his chair in the back.

10. Things started to get awkward.

11. Then two months ago, he was introduced as “the man who could have been the leader of the opposition, if he hadn’t been beaten by his brother.”

Look at the gulp after Cathy Newman introduced him.

13. Now he says he’s off to New York to head the International Rescue Committee.

But we’ve seen the pictures. It’s only because he couldn’t get the hang of milking a goat.

14. He tried working in a kebab shop too.

15. He heard Roy Hodgson was having some difficulty finding an England keeper.

tumblr.com / Via http://fuckyeahdavidmiliband.tumblr.com

16. He also did some work experience in a factory, but it wasn’t for him.

17. He even tried being a bartender.

18. That didn’t work out, so he filled in as a temporary teacher.

Where did those glasses come from!?

19. He tried one last job, as a model, before he decided to move to New York.

20. But it is time, he gestures, to leave Britain.

tumblr.com / Via http://dmilibandlookingstatesmanlike.tumblr.com

21. And boy will he be missed.

tumblr.com / Via http://dmilibandlookingstatesmanlike.tumblr.com

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