Animals React To The Government Shutdown

Animals have feelings too – especially about global political and economic crises. We might be more alike than you think.

1. Government shutdown? O, Rly??

2. So, wait, there’s NO government?!

4. Depressed cat has fallen and he can’t get up.

5. Peacemaker pug: Can’t we all just get along??

7. Can’t Anderson Cooper do ANYTHING about this mess?

8. Silly humans think they can raise a ceiling…

9. Can’t. Go. On. Debt. Ceiling. SO HEAVY.

10. Escape plan gone wrong.

11. If the government won’t do it, someone’s gotta…

12. Been there, done that, left it back in ‘96 with the Clintons.

13. Politicians can be so stubborn.

14. When is this going to end?!

15. Call me when it’s over.

16. Trying to set a positive example for our quarreling politicians.

17. Isn’t this how the House of Representatives did it?

18. Stop with your nonsense.

19. Would rather talk about Miley Cyrus.

21. No idea what’s going on.

22. Remember when politics worked?

Chris Matthews does. He talks about it in his book, Tip and the Gipper.

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