33 Ways You Know You’re Australian

What Aussies think makes them Aussies. As tweeted via Twitter’s globally trending #youknowyoureaustralianwhen hashtag.

1. You say ‘Straya instead of Australia.

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2. You call McDonald’s Maccas.

ID: 2008269

3. You say “scarnon?” instead of “what’s going on?”

ID: 2009082

4. You go shopping and see a kangaroo.

ID: 2009039

5. You idolise a 39 year old bloke dressed as a slutty teenage school girl.

ID: 2010246

6. This guy is a regular visitor and you don’t care.

ID: 2008318

7. You take a selfie with a police officer and this happens.

ID: 2009369

8. You understand that “chuck a u-ey” is actually a carefully executed driving manoeuvre.

YouTube / Via Twitter: @jatosha
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9. The Karl vs Grumpy Cat interview is normal.

ID: 2008358

This kind of thing happens on TV regularly.

ID: 2008424

10. You spent your childhood wondering which window they’d look through.

ID: 2009351

11. This was more fun than playing on the swings.

ID: 2009362

12. You know the original Hi-5 cast.

ID: 2008329

And what show these people are from.

ID: 2008408

13. You think that this guy’s got talent.

Australia’s Got Talent / Channel 7 / Via Twitter: @1dSalwa
ID: 2009243

14. You know who this flamin’ galah is.

ID: 2008276

15. You remember why this guy was just waiting for a mate.

ID: 2008278

And why this guy said sorry, but didn’t take his glasses off.

7 News / Via Twitter: @Reow_jc
ID: 2009357

16. A giraffe taught you about drugs.

ID: 2008286

17. You think these two are the funniest blokes ever.

ID: 2008520

18. When you go outside to take a photo this happens.

ID: 2008336

19. When you go outside in summer this happens.

ID: 2009506

20. You eat these during summer.

ID: 2008415

21. You ate FAGS as a kid.

ID: 2010123

22. You have had this cake at least one of your birthdays.

ID: 2008294

23. This is what you looked forward to at parties.

ID: 2009375

24. Having beetroot on a hamburger seems normal.

ID: 2009077

25. You only go to Bunnings for the sausage sizzle.

ID: 2009301

26. This is one of the most horrific sights on Earth.

ID: 2008555

27. Your PM is the suppository of all wisdom.

ID: 2008325

28. And your previous PM is a One Directioner.

ID: 2008341

29. The PM falling over was the funniest thing ever.

ID: 2008472

Until that kid stacked it during the Grand Final.

ID: 2009510

30. You watched when Amy Parks reported from AAMI Park.

ID: 2008525

31. And when a goat went to court and won.

ID: 2008529

32. But the latest episodes of your favourite TV shows are “Not Available in Your Region”

ID: 2009316


ID: 2009335

33. Still, at least you’ll always have your favourite ad.

ID: 2010725

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