33 Reasons The Outback Is Off The Hook

Red earth, blue sky, spectacular stars. Worth any trip.

1. Some places make you feel really, really small.

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2. And outback Australia is packed with awe-inspiring sights – like the towering rock walls of Trephina Gorge in the East MacDonnell Ranges. Photo: @ozyroadtripper.

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3. The soaring, original flying kangaroo.

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4. Nature’s balancing act, The Devils Marbles.

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5. How big? Massive mate! Photo: @barrycastley.

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6. Like, WTF?! Photo: @emmaclaire90.

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7. The Outback Chandelier.

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8. SRSLY?!!! No light pollution in the Tanami Desert. Photo: @taste_for_travel.

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9. The landscape itself is a work of art. Photo: @chrisdalton.

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10. The Barkly Tablelands, world’s most spectacular cattle country. Photo: @paularnoldphotography.

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11. Ships of the Desert, Uluru. Photo: @_lojo17.

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12. Henley on Todd Regatta, Alice Springs: no water, no worries! Photo: @hm_weir.

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13. Red dirt.

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14. Truly REMARKABLE red dirt! Photo: @emma_pearson.

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15. Spectacular sand dunes. Photo: @lifeintheslowlane.

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16. Stretching seemingly forever.

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17. So the outback is flat right? Nope!

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18. Standley Chasm, West MacDonnell Ranges. Photo: @maffimo.

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19. Kings Canyon, Australia’s Grand Canyon.

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20. Puts the AWE into awesome!

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21. Don’t miss the Rim Walk!

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22. The Rock? Nope, this is (the also stunning) Mount Conner.

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23. THE ROCK!!!!

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24. Unbelievable from dawn to dusk. Photo: @melissafindley.

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25. See?!!! Photo: @sophie_ward95.

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26. ULURUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! Photo: @lebackpacker.

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27. Don’t forget Kata Tjuta aka The Olgas. Photo: @cathnemo.

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28. Big Skies! Photo: @piscosescape.

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29. Firey Skies!

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31. YEAH!!!!!

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32. Leave nothing but footprints… Photo: @marniepenny.

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33. Take nothing but memories… Photo: @robungy.

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Simon Crerar is founding editor of BuzzFeed Australia and is based in Sydney.
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