19 Reasons Why This Epic Beard Is Worth $1 Million

It is billed as one of the most valuable fields of facial follicles on Earth. Now anyone with a spare million bucks can own it.

1. An Australian is selling his beard.

“This is one of the most valuable fields of facial follicles in the world. Not only a luscious and captivating neck-mane of rich mahogany and buoyant masculinity, this beard has saved countless amounts of lives.”

ID: 2483690

2. This is Jimmy Niggles, who has been growing his extraordinary beard since witnessing the death of a close friend, Wes Bonny, from skin cancer aged 26.

ID: 2483712

3. Jimmy’s face fur is the key driver behind Beard Season, an invitation for gentlemen to grow beards and become ambassadors in the fight against melanoma – one of the deadliest cancers in Australia.

ID: 2483750

4. He is on a one man mission to persuade people to take life-saving skin cancer checks.

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/67769457.
ID: 2483706

5. Everywhere he goes, Mr Niggles enlists other bearded men to help spread the word.

ID: 2484137

6. Other handsome, bearded men.

ID: 2484166

7. This is Mango.

ID: 2483697

8. This is TD.

ID: 2484096

9. This is Jag.

ID: 2484148

10. This is Josh.

ID: 2483722

11. This is Karl.

ID: 2484110

12. This is Benny.

ID: 2484161

13. This is Robbo.

ID: 2484155

14. This is Jason.

ID: 2484206

15. This is Slade.

ID: 2484100

16. This is Karrie ‘The Pine’ Klein.

ID: 2489126

17. Tourists are welcome. This is Joulupukki the Finn.

ID: 2484297

18. And this is Costa (hitherto Australia’s most famous beard).

ID: 2484174

19. It’s quite a beard huh? Doing such valuable work.

ID: 2484219

What would you do with Jimmy’s beard?

Brock Elbank / Via thisisbeard.com

“As the owner you may have the beard shaved by an expert team of taxidermists, art restorers and forensic scientists. Painstakingly reconstructed and mounted within a framed glass case. Or, you may choose to have it remain on the host, and use it (within limits) as you see fit.”

ID: 2483770

Find out more at milliondollarbeard.com.

ID: 2483773

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Simon Crerar is founding editor of BuzzFeed Australia and is based in Sydney.
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