21 People You Want To Avoid At All Costs

Some folk are best avoided. Via Twitter’s YouHadOneJob.

1. This delivery driver taking things too literally.

ID: 2866621

2. This cop.

ID: 2796554

3. This parallel parker.

ID: 2866620

4. This person blocking the exit.

ID: 2866649

5. This UPS truck driver. But more importantly THIS GUY POSING IN A TUX WITH A MINI SEWING MACHINE.

ID: 2866622

6. This forgetful driver.

Forgot something? Maybe your brain? @ParkingWankers @YPLAC

— You had one job (@_youhadonejob)
ID: 2866646

7. This road painter.

@_youhadonejob school...

— EBAYGUMTREE (@savs66)
ID: 2796543

8. And this one.

You had one job.

— You had one job (@_youhadonejob)
ID: 2796561

9. The BIG boss’ best mate.

You had one job.

— You had one job (@_youhadonejob)
ID: 2858676

10. The person who thinks this is OK.

@marcusbrig must be here.

— You had one job (@_youhadonejob)
ID: 2858672

11. This take-no-prisoners white-liner.

And the Not my job award goes to......

— You had one job (@_youhadonejob)
ID: 2866623

12. This go-kart track designer.


— Fish (@ryanfish_20)
ID: 2866617

13. This wheel alignment specialist.

Think I'll go somewhere else.

— You had one job (@_youhadonejob)
ID: 2866614

14. This confused parker.

You had one job , just to park the car.

— You had one job (@_youhadonejob)
ID: 2866628

15. This person who couldn’t see anything wrong with this.

Road builders you had one job.

— You had one job (@_youhadonejob)
ID: 2866626

16. This driver who likes to own the road.

@_youhadonejob #parkingwanker even tucked the wing mirrors in!

— DALRSC (@barrydalrsc)
ID: 2866632

17. The guy who thinks this is perfectly OK.

@safetycunt seems safe.

— You had one job (@_youhadonejob)
ID: 2866635

18. This removalist.

@_youhadonejob removals company you had one job

— Harry Houdini (@SaltNPepperHead)
ID: 2866644

19. This road safety engineer.

I'm not sure the Africans have figured out road safety yet. @safetycunt

— You had one job (@_youhadonejob)
ID: 2866652

20. This Royal Mail driver.

Prob been done before, but here's my debut entry for @_youhadonejob (

— Matt Parsons (@matt_parsons)
ID: 2866658

21. And this jet pilot.

Hope he don't forget his air miles.

— You had one job (@_youhadonejob)
ID: 2866660

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