14 People Stuck In Really Stupid Places

Hide and seek game spins out of control. And other fabulous fails.

1. Australian firefighters have employed olive oil to free a naked man stuck in a washing machine.

Embarrassed Laurence joins an illustrious list of folk stuck in dumb places…

2. The Brazilian crim caught in his own getaway hole.

3. The Mexican escapee stuck in the bars of his cell.

4. The drugstore cowboy stuck in an air vent.

Marion County Sheriff Department / Via

5. The exposed skier stuck upside down in a chair lift.

6. The Briton stuck inside a traffic bollard.

7. The Irishman stuck in a McDonald’s baby chair.

8. The kid with his head stuck in a chair pretending to be Anakin Skywalker battling Boba Fett.

9. The Chinese man too embarrassed to call for help when he got stuck in a muddy river.

Rex / Via

10. The guy who got his hand caught down a toilet trying to rescue his mobile phone.

CCTV / Via

11. The South African who got wedged in a Porta Loo.

12. The Moroccan high-wire motorcyclist stuck half-way across his daredevil record attempt.

13. The 18 Chinese thrill-seekers stuck uʍop ǝpısdn on a rollercoaster.

14. And the Mayor of London stranded on a zip wire.

Getty Images

Remember: if you’re stuck, make it a lolly machine.

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