19 Epic Pictures Of The Monster Thunderstorm That Shook Sydney

A massive thunderstorm rolled across Sydney. Photos were snapped.

1. A huge storm has rolled over Sydney.

ID: 2557415

2. It was EPIC.

ID: 2557929

3. The storm came in from the south over the airport.

ID: 2557418

4. It menaced Maroubra.

ID: 2557523

5. It menaced Bondi.

ID: 2557459

6. Beach goers watched in awe.

ID: 2557541

7. The eastern suburbs looked very moody.

ID: 2557530

8. “Spectacular would be an obscene understatement.”

ID: 2557552

9. It kind of looked like the apocalypse had arrived.

ID: 2557421

10. The storm moved fast towards the city centre.

ID: 2557424

11. Within minutes it was over the CBD.

ID: 2557417

12. Everything went eerily dark.

ID: 2557426

13. Really spookily dark.

ID: 2557494

14. Wow, what a storm.

ID: 2557545

15. Like a wave breaking over Manly.

ID: 2557515

16. Was this the end of the world? (No.)

Guys in the Sydney office took this pic of the storm. Looks bad #SydneyStorm

— (@sportsbetcomau)
ID: 2557520

17. But it was pretty damn impressive.

ID: 2557548

18. Aren’t we lucky so many people have cameras?

ID: 2557553

19. Aussie storms we love you so!

ID: 2557462

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Simon Crerar is founding editor of BuzzFeed Australia and is based in Sydney.
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