18 Kids Who Just Know Their Dad Is The Greatest

Think your father is NUMERO UNO? These guys would beg to differ.

1. The kid whose Dad is a daredevil.

2. The kid whose Dad never hurts her.

3. The kid whose Dad is a swing.

4. The kid whose Dad took him skating.

5. The kid whose Dad took her skating.

6. The kid whose Dad took her for a drive.

7. The kid whose Dad built a rollercoaster.

8. The kid whose Dad took her on the scariest ride.

9. The kid whose Dad took him and his bro out dressed like this.

10. The kid whose Dad made this costume.

11. The kid whose Dad let her paint his nails.

12. The kid with the best Dad hairdresser in the world.

13. The kid whose Dad has superpowers.

14. The kid with the Dad in matching pyjamas.

15. The kid whose Dad can withstand any pain.

16. The kid whose Dad is still her hero.

17. The kid who pulled off the best Bat Mitzvah dance ever with her Dad.

18. And the kid whose soldier Dad surprised her on her birthday by coming home from Afghanistan.

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