27 Jaw Dropping Works Of Street Art So Big They Will Never Fit In A Gallery

Sydney-based artist Fintan Magee is redefining street art.

1. Australian artist Fintan Magee works at a mind-blowing scale.

ID: 2601156

2. He currently plies his trade in Sydney, Australia.

ID: 2659895

3. Magee started writing graffiti in 1998 when he was at high school in Brisbane.

ID: 2659890

4. He grew up in West End, where graffiti was a big part of the urban landscape.

ID: 2659910

5. Working in Brisbane wasn’t without its difficulties however.

ID: 2659939

6. “Brisbane is a culturally retarded ultra-conservative backwater with a borderline Draconian State and city government that is against anything interesting or out of the box,” says Magee.

ID: 2659926

7. “In short it’s the worst city in the western world to be a creative freethinking person, fuck Brisbane.”

ID: 2659933

8. Magee burst into the public consciousness with a work showing skydiver Felix Baumgartner titled Felix Backstroke.


ID: 2660007

9. Magee has recently spent time in South America: “it was all pretty unofficial and we didn’t even have permission for most of the walls but everything came together.”

The Artifact, Bogota, Colombia

ID: 2659982

10. His pieces are HUGE: The Displaced, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

ID: 2659991

11. “And hell yeah, it was fun”. Bad Hunter, Bogota, Colombia.

ID: 2659984

12. Homeward Bound, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

ID: 2659988

13. Castles in the sand, collaboration with Martin Ron Murales, Buenos Aires.

ID: 2659989

14. He has worked in the USA: Red Button 2, Hollywood, L.A

ID: 2659950

15. Red Stick, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Collaboration with Seth Globepainter for the Museum of Public Art.

ID: 2659976

16. Stiltsville Fishing Boy, Wynwood, Miami, USA.

ID: 2659974

17. His work takes him right around the world. The unmovable object, Copenhagen.

ID: 2659960

18. Queensland Rioter in Vienna, Austria

ID: 2659964

19. The Letter, Dublin, Ireland

ID: 2659967

20. Survival, London, UK.

ID: 2659969

21. Western Development, ISAD studios, Jakarta, 2012

ID: 2659947

22. Much of his work explores themes of a world riven by climate catastrophe. Flood Emergency Supply Drop, Newtown, Sydney.

ID: 2659954

23. Elephant and Fisherman, Illawara performing arts centre, Wollongong.

ID: 2659956

24. Designing the flood barrier, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

ID: 2659959

25. Testing the Brisbane flood refugee boat prototype, Coffs Harbour, NSW.

ID: 2659971

26. Magee’s work recently starred at a graffiti festival in Toowoomba, Queensland.

ID: 2659900

27. What’s Magee planning next? “I don’t know what my ultimate goal is; I just want to keep painting.”

Discovering Flight, Leichhardt, Sydney

ID: 2659996

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Simon Crerar is founding editor of BuzzFeed Australia and is based in Sydney.
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