23 Aussies Yet To Realise They Live In The Land Of Nope

Why? Why? Just tell us WHY?!

1. This cane toad yoga teacher.

ID: 3456157

2. This flying fox fisherman.

ID: 2775469

3. This girl with a King Crab necklace.

ID: 3456283

4. This Queensland fisho with a friendly bull shark.

ID: 2775541

5. This sightseer checking out the tourists.

Rex USA / Katrina Bridgeford / Rex
ID: 3456116

6. This backyard explorer.

ID: 2776250

7. This guy with a live-in waiter.

ID: 2775558

8. This hunter with his prize hog.

ID: 3456101

9. This python with a police escort.

ID: 3456089

10. These guys chilling in their pool.

ID: 3495706

11. This guy making friends with his backyard intruder.

ID: 3495826

12. This guy’s mate who doesn’t like going too deep.

ID: 3495793

13. This guy pooping with a friend.

ID: 3456093

14. This bloke blowing bubbles with his dive buddy.

ID: 2775480

15. This budding herpetologist.

ID: 2775504

16. This guy who thinks a giant centipede makes a nice bracelet.

ID: 2775565

17. These kids with their backyard croc.

Peter Bennett / Newspix / Via Getty Images
ID: 3456286

18. This lady enjoying a bowling date.

ID: 3495815

19. These golfers photobombing this relaxing scene.

ID: 3456151

20. This sheep taking this cowboy for a ride.

ID: 3456112

21. This little girl with a very big pet.

ID: 3456118

22. These wallaby rescuers.

Rex USA / Newspix / Rex
ID: 2775551

23. And this guy, the most distracting front seat passenger on Earth.

ID: 3456153

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Simon Crerar is founding editor of BuzzFeed Australia and is based in Sydney.
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