19 Everyday Sights In Australian Backyards

Spiders eating birds. Pythons eating wallabies. Just another day in the ‘burbs.

1. This nonchalant appearance.

2. This fella just hanging around.

3. This spider snacking on a snake.

4. This Hungry Hornet.

5. This Compost Bin Invader.

6. This Guinea Pig Cage Invader, now too fat to back out.

7. This Morning Caller.

8. This Hungry Late Night Visitor.

9. This Midnight Snacker.

10. This Beer Snake.

11. These Three Metre Snake Skins Just Lying Around.

12. So Ummm, Where Is It Now?

13. This Guardian Of The Garage Door.

14. This Spider vs Dragonfly Battle.

15. These Epic Battlers.

16. This Angry Chap.

18. This Dazzling Visitor.

19. This JOYOUS Scene!

Belle Dunlevie /

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