How To Celebrate Halloween In The Office

Because, sometimes, Halloween happens in the office

1. Take The Classic Awkward Office Group Photo

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4. Creep Out All Of Your Coworkers With A Weird Costume

ID: 1744889

10. Host a Halloween Potluck For The Office

Mummy Dogs recipe:

ID: 1745013

Worms in Dirt recipe:

ID: 1745036

Halloween Ghosts recipe:

ID: 1745074

13. Take Classic Awkward Office Group Photos of Everyone Enjoying the Halloween Potluck

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16. Cover Your Cubicle Neighbor’s Desk In Cobwebs

ID: 1745206

18. Bring In These Doggies To Get An Automatic Raise

ID: 1745334

19. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Don’t Be The Coworker Who Thinks That He/She Is Too Cool To Wear a Halloween Costume

You’re not that cool!

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