19 High School Cliques Every Millennial Knows To Exist

We’ve seen em’ all or have been a part of one.

1. Bros

You love to hate them but they throw the only parties in high school.

ID: 1788141

2. Stoners

You gotta love ‘em and their philosophical discoveries

ID: 1788160

3. Hardcore Anime Lovers

They’re very detail oriented.

ID: 1788225

4. Environmentalists

Oil companies need to make like a tree and leaf

ID: 1788248

5. Badass Drama Kids

The ones who don’t take shit from nobody.

ID: 1788354

6. Hipsters although they don’t enjoy being labeled

Hold on i’m catching the perfect amount of sunlight at this angle, for Sutro to be effective. X pro II is for amateurs.

ID: 1789429

7. The Asian hip-hop aficionados who had really sick dance moves

don’t let their bling deceive you, they can dance

ID: 1789464

8. Crazy Ravers who lived life on the edge

ID: 1789479

9. The Intellectuals who were the cool kids

ID: 1789503

10. Slam Poets (The Beatniks are back!!)

Do you regularly attend poetry readings in subterranean caves? Can you spit some cool verses? We should slam sometime.

ID: 1789513

11. Bang Buddies, you know they existed.

ID: 1789528

12. Hippies, yes they still exist

Kamehameha!!!! But he’s really harnessing the sun’s positive vibes and transcending them upon mother earth. Groovy

ID: 1789625

13. The Athletes who really cared, the rest of you didn’t give a shit about fascist organized sports

ID: 1789532

14. The Techies who are hell bent on being the next Zuckerberg

He enjoys reading html and C++ instead of english. Don’t hate, he’s going to be richer than you someday

ID: 1789542

15. The Foreign Exchange Students, who don’t understand your culture

but they’re really trying to!

ID: 1789572

16. The Flawless Models with hearts of gold

How are they so beautiful on the inside and the outside?!

ID: 1789579

17. The Health Foodies, you don’t understand their iron will

ID: 1789583

18. Third Wave Girls, who could give you a verbal beat down anytime, anywhere

ID: 1789587

19. And then there’s you and your friends…

Obviously the awesome clique

ID: 1789588

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