15 Dogs And Cats At An Ides Of March Toga Party

They’re gonna party like it’s 44 BC.

1. It’s this guy’s first toga party. Be gentle with him.

ID: 988783

2. This party monster has been practicing his keg stand for weeks.

ID: 988841

3. This cat takes dressing up extremely seriously.

ID: 988851

4. This guy is gonna pour a sip on the concrete for his homie Caesar.

ID: 988864

5. This cat doesn’t really understand how to put on a toga.

ID: 988877

6. These guys are already feeling pretty buzzed.

ID: 988887

7. This cat couldn’t find a white sheet anywhere.

ID: 988894

8. This pug thought it would be funny to stand on the pedestal, but he can’t get back down.

ID: 988912

9. Somebody got a little tangled up in their toga.

ID: 988917

10. You could try a little harder with your costume, dude.

ID: 988933

11. Technically, those are not gladiator sandals.

ID: 988936

12. You’re gonna lose your outfit there, buddy boy.

ID: 988953

13. This dog’s outfit is so much more glamorous than the rest of these jokers.

ID: 988978

14. I think you’ve had one beer bong too many, bro, but it’s been a sweet night. Hail Caesar!

ID: 989003

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