10 Signs That Your Cat Is A Wizard

An easy guide to identifying a feline Dumbledore.

1. 10) He never takes off his pointy hat and cape.

ID: 994044

2. 9) He constantly tells you your future.

ID: 994051

3. 8) He can escape from impossible situations with ease.

ID: 994059

4. 7) His magic wand is practically glued to his paws.

ID: 994070

5. 6) He dramatically appears in unusual places.

ID: 994086

6. 5) He’s ridiculously good at the shell game.

ID: 994091

7. 4) He sprouts additional body parts at will.

ID: 994095

8. 3) He levitates pretty much all the time.

ID: 994098

9. 2) He turns your friends into flying carpets.

ID: 994108

10. 1) And most importantly, he can disappear in the blink of an eye. SORCERY!!

ID: 994113

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