25 Gift Ideas For Fox Fanatics

If you don’t already have a few friends obsessing over foxes, you will soon.

1. Huggable Fox Pillow

$28 on Etsy

ID: 975523

2. 3 Pack of Origami Foxes

$11 on Etsy

ID: 975519

3. Geometric Paper Lampshade

$46 on Etsy

ID: 975527

4. Blushing Fox Tote Bag

$18 on Etsy

ID: 975532

5. DIY Crocheted Scarf

Okay, this one actually requires some mad crafting skills. But if can crochet (or you’re willing to pay someone who can), then this one is a big winner!

ID: 975622

6. Stonewear Fox with Mosaic Eyes and Tail

$78 at Jonathan Adler. (P.s. this looks even better in real life. Yes, I have one.)

ID: 975548

7. Swanky Fox Ties

$28 on Etsy

ID: 975599

8. Mug With Heart Shaped Fox Tracks

$15 on Etsy

ID: 975569

9. DIY Clothes Hangers

Free if you can make it yourself

ID: 975514

10. Fox Calendar That’s Reusable Year After Year

$14.99 at West Elm

ID: 975551

11. Handmade Ceramics

Every piece is custom made, so you can get a fox on a tumbler, bowl, mug, necklace—lots of things! Check out the SKT website for all the pretty options.

ID: 975540

12. Foxy V-Neck Tee

$28 from Gnome Enterprises

ID: 975535

13. Forest Animals Journal with Stickers!

$11 at boygirlparty.com. Also see the adorable shopping list and to-do list.

ID: 975541

14. Bristly Fox Ornaments

$9.99 at sonbirdgarden.com

ID: 975552

15. Sassy Brass Fox Hooks

$22 at Anthropologie

ID: 975549

16. Vintage Looking Hand Painted Plates

$37 on Etsy

ID: 975564

17. Fox and Rabbit Being Friends on a Mug

$26 on Etsy

ID: 975559

18. Leather Kindle Case

$54.99 on Etsy

ID: 975603

19. Fox Shaped Twinkle Lights

$50 on Etsy

ID: 975608

20. Fingerless Fox Gloves

$38 on Etsy

ID: 975606

21. “The Fox and the Marshmallows” Signed Print

$20 on Etsy

ID: 975613

22. Hand Painted Tennis Shoes

$48 on Etsy

ID: 975609

23. Cozy Coffee Cup Sleeve

$15 on Etsy

ID: 975615

24. Two Foxes on a Sweatshirt

$34 on Etsy

ID: 975619

25. Ruffled Coin Purse

$18 on Etsy

ID: 975624

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