The 8 Stages Of Your Job Search

The emotional rollercoaster that is applying for a job, as told by gifs.

1. 1. Maybe you’re unemployed. Maybe you just hate your job. Something’s gotta change. But it’s not that easy!

ID: 922542

But one day, you just get fed up.

ID: 922566

Time to do something about it.

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4. 2. Applying

You write your cover letter so they know just how awesome you are.

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6. 3. The Waiting Game

A month has passed and you haven’t heard anything. Their loss, right?

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But then out of nowhere they call you in for an interview!

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8. 4. The Interview

You want to make a strong first impression.

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But it doesn’t go quite like you imagined.

ID: 921496

That’s okay. Let the interview begin!

ID: 922350

“Tell me a little bit about yourself.” Time to dazzle them. What makes you you?

ID: 922463

“Describe your role at your current job”

ID: 922465

“What is your biggest weakness?”

ID: 922466

“Give an example of when you used logic to solve a problem.”

ID: 922467

You have to answer and this pause is getting awkward. Just say something!

ID: 922469

You came up with something, but you don’t want to seem like you’re rambling…wrap it up!

ID: 922473

“Finally, why should we hire you?”

ID: 922475

18. 5. Following Up

You write the perfect thank-you note.

ID: 922477

And hope and pray they find your words moving and persuasive.

ID: 922478

20. 6. References

You ask your closest colleagues to put in a good word, and they happily agree.

ID: 922479

And you hope they come through.

ID: 922481

But you still worry what people might say about you.

ID: 922501

24. 7. Rejection

You finally hear back from them.

ID: 922505

You start to process the news. Slowly at first.

ID: 922506

And then it hits you.

ID: 922510

You have to tell everyone who was pulling for you.

ID: 922512

You try to imagine who beat you out for the job.

ID: 922513

^ (That must be it!) ^

Your friends and family try to cheer you up with some life advice.

ID: 922515

But it doesn’t make you feel any better.

ID: 922517

But you’re acting pathetic. So someone gets real with you, and it’s just what you need to hear.

ID: 922518

33. 8. Moving On

Something clicks and you’re ready to get back out there.

ID: 922519

You know what? Why even lock yourself into one career path? You’ve got a lot of skills. Maybe you’ll be something totally different.

ID: 922520

Or start your own business!

ID: 922526

37. Whatever you do, stay positive and don’t stop believin’!!!

ID: 922541

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