Why Geordie Shore Needs To Be Your Next Obession

Geordie Shore is the English version of Jersey Shore and for the past 7 seasons this has been the best reality show on TV.

1. Meet The Geordie Shore House

ID: 2267777

2. Meet Vicki

The one who always speaks her mind, but can seem like a bit of a bitch!

ID: 2267732

3. Meet Gary

The man whore in the house, who is known for his large parsnip.

ID: 2267735

4. Meet Holly

The dumb one who also has a great set of Double D’s.

ID: 2267738

5. Meet Scott

He tries so hard to be a man whore, but mainly just punches up the house when he gets drunk.

ID: 2267740

6. Meet Charlotte

With a foul mouth and she tends to pee everywhere when drunk. But I cant help must love her!

ID: 2267746

7. Meet James

The boring one, with the boring girlfriend.

ID: 2267749

8. Meet Sophie

With a dirty mouth, but she recently got kicked out of the house.

ID: 2267750

9. Now You Know The People - Time To Learn About the Great Things The Show Has To Offer

ID: 2267751

10. Charlotte and Gary

Are the on again, off again couple. The Ross & Rachel, Logan & Veronica of reality television.

ID: 2267753

11. The Random Dress Up Parties

And the shenanigans that occur.

ID: 2267756

12. The Weird Stuff That Comes Out Of Charlottes Mouth

Seriously how does her brain work?

ID: 2267765

13. Diet Tips

ID: 2267767

14. Watching Them All Trying To Pull Night After Night

Often unsuccessfully, but at least they are full of confidence.

ID: 2267759

15. The Words Of Wisdom

That come out from time to time.

ID: 2267762

16. The Terrible Fashion Choices

Seriously - dress for your body type!

ID: 2267773

17. Admiting What Your Talents Are

Even if they tend to be of the sexual nature.

ID: 2267776

So enjoy catching up on 7 seasons of Geordie Shore goodness!

ID: 2267785

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