22 Ridiculously Fun Versions Of Household Items

ModCloth has a habit of giving all their items funny (and punny) names. When it comes to household items, though, they bring the fun one step further. [Through the end of October, if you sign up with this link and make a $50+ purchase, you’ll get $20 off o:] Tumblr version can be seen here.

1. Takeout the Trash Can

ID: 650423

2. Digging It Ice Trays

ID: 650424

3. Crust Be Dreaming USB Hand Warmers

ID: 650425

4. Maine Course Oven Mitt

ID: 650428

5. Sing and Spout Bath Mat

ID: 650429

6. Store Trooper USB Flash Drive in R2-D2

ID: 650431

7. Cat-ula

ID: 650433

8. Tea Rex Infuser

ID: 650434

9. Music Nut Earbuds

ID: 650436

10. Paw Me a Cup Tea Set in Cat

ID: 650437

11. Helping Wing Corkscrew

ID: 650438

12. Jaw Dropping Shower Curtain

ID: 650439

13. Stache It Away Box

ID: 650440

14. Lab-solutely Organized Desk Supply Set

ID: 650441

15. Jason’s Super Power Strip

ID: 650442

16. Hedgehog Your Bets Shaker Set

ID: 650443

17. Easy as Pi Pizza Cutter

ID: 650445

18. Fold Times Sake Push Pin Set

ID: 650446

19. C3-Tree-O Lights

ID: 650447

20. Film Industrial Bookends

ID: 650448

21. Go Brush Your Tree-th Toothbrush Holder

ID: 650449

22. You’ve Gato a Call Phone Stand

ID: 650450

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