Growing Facial Hair Is Hard

Everybody’s beard-crazy these days, but some guys aren’t so lucky. Here’s an open letter from the poorly-bearded.

1. To the Nick Offermans,

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
ID: 791634

Zach Galifiniakises,

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters
ID: 796376

2. And Ryan Goslings of the world.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images
ID: 794041

3. And to the people that love them:

ID: 796690

4. We get it: Facial hair is SO IN right now.

Charley Gallay / Getty Images
ID: 795033

You can get away with just about anything these days, as long as it’s bushy and on your face.

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images
ID: 791787

We all want to participate, but some of us just… can’t.

ID: 791800

5. Believe us, we try.

ID: 796009

Hard, and against all better judgement, we try.

ID: 791815

But no matter what we do, we eventually have to accept reality.

ID: 792389

6. We can’t will our mustache into being.

ID: 795053

It’s a distressing lot, that of the poorly-bearded male.

ID: 792159

But growing a beard is hard, and downright impossible for some of us.

Jamie Sabau/Stringer / Getty Images

Sidney Crosby’s 8-week-old 2009 NHL playoff beard.

ID: 792453

And on top of bad genetics, we’ve got Beard Anxiety.

ID: 792460

From an early age, we’re presented with well-bearded role models.

ID: 792872

7. Men with legacies to aspire to and majestic facial hair to emulate.

ID: 796518

8. Truly great men.

Universal Pictures / Courtesy Pyxurz
ID: 796539

9. We spent our childhoods eagerly anticipating the day our faces would sprout lush, robust beards.

ID: 792891

We played dress up, hoping that we wouldn’t be one of the genetically unfortunate when the time came.

ID: 793276

10. One of our friends ALWAYS started growing a mustache unnaturally early.

ID: 793278

And a kick-ass goatee made ANYTHING work at prom.

ID: 793289

We wanted to sport a kick-ass goatee, or mustache, or ANYTHING, but couldn’t.

ID: 793294

11. When we hit our early 20s, we had waited long enough. Scruffy patchwork or not, we would HAVE. OUR. BEARDS.

ID: 795367

But as we got older, we realized that not all great men have to have epic beards.

Carolyn Kaster / AP

The President has even admitted that he can’t grow a decent beard or mustache.

ID: 793302

12. Even some actors known for their tasteful stubble often go clean-shaven.

Denis Balibouse / Reuters
ID: 793826

And we’ve seen some goatees go VERY wrong…

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
ID: 794213

…as well as a mustache that should never have happened.

Larry Busacca / Getty Images
ID: 793676

13. And while we may lack the… “ruggedness” of this man:

ID: 794243

14. Men like this have been lusted after for decades:

ID: 794265

15. And nothing beats this feeling:

ID: 794334

16. Or the daily bathroom ritual.

ID: 794346

17. So enjoy your moment in the sun while it lasts, bearded guys.

ID: 794386

18. Because when the sun sets on your hairy heyday…

ID: 794391

19. …we’ll still be here, and smooth as ever.

ID: 794357

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