Yes, There Are People With Rude Names Participating In The Winter Olympics

But don’t worry guys, nobody noticed a thing.

1. So this guy represented Germany during the “Men’s Normal Hill Individual Ski Jumping”.

ID: 2419380

2. It’s not like anyone noticed it.

ID: 2429385
ID: 2429450

4. Or were childish about it.

ID: 2429388
ID: 2429448

I wonder if any other nation finds German Ski jumper Andreas Wank's name to be as brilliantly amusing as we do? I have nicknamed him Danger.

— Graeme Swann (@Swannyg66)
ID: 2429553

7. And were so childish about it that it trended.

Well at least there was no-one with a funny name in an event on the same day.

ID: 2429409

8. Oh wait. There was this guy in the luge.

ID: 2419384

Er there's a Russian luger called Semen Pavlichenko...luge is a dangerous sport. Hope he doesn't come to a...sticky end.

— Fair Ohs (@fairohs)
ID: 2429514

Semen Pavlichenko and Andreas Wank have competed at the Winter Olympics today. Both went for gold, but neither have pulled it off.

— Duracell McCarthy (@ViewFromGwladys)
ID: 2429527

11. But it could be worse. You could be this guy.

ID: 2419381

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Scott Bryan is the UK entertainment editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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