Why Buying Tickets For Glastonbury Festival Is The Worst Thing Ever

Want tickets? Just click F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 and then have a little cry.

1. So Glastonbury 2013 was a success wasn’t it?

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

2. But then out of the blue, you get THIS EMAIL.

3. It CAN’T be ticket day already surely? You were there just DAYS ago.

4. Or watching it on the iPlayer, of course.

5. So… it begins. You wake up at 8.30am ON A SUNDAY MORNING.

6. You find some computers and load the website.



8. You see their ticketing instructions on Twitter…

If you're trying for tickets in the morning, only have one tab open at a time - multiple tabs can cause problems with your transaction.

— GlastoFest (@Glastonbury Festival)

9. …which you ignore. Instead, you launch 263 tabs.

10. *breathe in* OK guys here we go…

Tickets for for Glastonbury 2014 will go on sale in 20 minutes (at 9am), from http://t.co/3SpJCUdwtm

— GlastoFest (@Glastonbury Festival)

11. THREE. TWO. ONE. HERE WE……. oh.

12. Maybe it’s just an error. You click refresh.

13. Lol jokes one more time.

14. It’s not getting to you or anything.

15. After half an hour of refreshing you get THIS.

This is handy considering that tickets went on sale half an hour ago.

We are experiencing technical issues this morning, we are working as fast as we can to resolve and will update as soon as possible.

— seetickets (@See Tickets)


Let's not blame @seetickets, it's not like they KNEW so may people would be trying to get on their website at one time #glastonbury #glasto

— adjwilson (@Alex Wilson)

Such bad luck See Tickets should experience technical issues today.

— matthewjh (@Matthew Horton)

And now we go live to the desk of the Head of Server Reliability at Seetickets #glastonbury

— kevmaguire (@Kevin Maguire)

20. Then suddenly, out of nowhere…

Update - after a very difficult half an hour, we've stabilised and are processing orders. Lots of orders! Sorry for the inconvenience

— seetickets (@See Tickets)

They are *really* sorry, so it's fine. RT @seetickets Now selling approx 3000 tickets a minute. Again, we're really sorry.

— richjamesmetro (@Richard James)

22. And does it work for you?


23. It starts to get worse. Everyone starts tweeting that they have got tickets.

24. You? Nothing. You see dubious ticket ‘shortcuts’ on your twitter feed.

25. You click on all of them anyway. Does it work?

26. You aren’t annoyed by this at all.

Virgin Media / Via tumblr.com

27. You then see this. Time is slipping away.

28. Then suddenly, after your index finger falls off from pressing F5 every two seconds… you get there.

29. You lost your registration number, and your friends. You do a quick search round the house.

Jack Mackie Pictures / Nickelodeon Productions

30. You find them. You enter them on to the page…… THEN THE PAGE TIMES OUT.

31. The inevitable.

32. Then you read this message, and even though you have had the worst 1 hour 27 minutes all year…

Tickets for Glastonbury 2014 have now Sold Out, in 1h 27m (a record). Here's a note from Michael and Emily Eavis…

— GlastoFest (@Glastonbury Festival)

33. You just can’t hate. You love them too much.

34. Well, bar See Tickets… who then shared this.

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