21 Reasons Why It Sucks Being A Gay Teenager

It is nowhere near as bad as it used to be, but boy can it suck.

1. Gay lifestyle magazines. Always top shelf in the supermarket for no reason.

For no reason whatsoever.

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2. You hear this every day in everyday conversation.

… and nobody realises that they are saying it either.

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3. Ignorant people think that you are always like this.

Totally fine if you are (of course), but a lot of people think you still are anyway.

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4. You grew up somewhere like this…

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…so your nearest gay bar is this far away.

ID: 1453996

5. And it looks like this.

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6. Or it’s open and it looks like this…

ID: 1453534

7. And if it is busy, your best friend gets approached by guys instead of you and he’s like:

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8. You STILL get asked, “When did you come out?”

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9. “I know a gay guy. You two should get together…”

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10. “You’ve got it lucky. Gay guys are so much more attractive.”

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11. “Have you ever thought that this might be just a phase?”

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12. “But how do you really know if you are gay if you haven’t tried it with a girl yet?”

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13. Then there are those people who find out you’re gay and immediately want to take you shopping.

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14. And that teacher who doesn’t realize you’re gay but thinks you’re a ladies man…

It’s happened to me at least four times.

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15. Then there’s sex education. They don’t talk about the gay sex thing so you find it this fun.

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16. When you turn on the TV or go to the theater, all you see is hot guys getting it on…

ID: 1453415

17. You’ve got no one, so you’re like…

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18. But then one day, when you least expect it, you learn at school or at work that somebody you like is gay…

ID: 1454036

You play it cool.

ID: 1454051

You spend some time checking out their Facebook.

ID: 1475425

There’s a party coming up… and you realize that you’re both invited.

ID: 1454114

So you spend the whole afternoon before the party working on your best look.

ID: 1474222

Oh look there he is. He looks incredible!

ID: 1475459

19. But then this other guy comes over to him and they’re like.

ID: 1474113

20. Then they start doing this.

ID: 1453423

21. So you react by doing this.

ID: 1453499

Then this.

ID: 1474348

Then this.

ID: 1455172

Do you want to stay a teenager forever?

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